Everyone should want a beautiful picture to save.  Similarly with interesting places to be photographed.  Hence, the selection of interesting places is also a priority.  They are also willing to book a photographer with a quality price to get the best photo.  So, it’s natural when the place they want is also very important as a wonderful background.


Goa, India

There is a beautiful place for photo shooting in India.  India also have the wonderful place which is always being choose for the wedding.  Also that, Goa always have the party that people’s booking. That have a beautiful beach, great phenomenal,  breathtaking sunsets and else. Yeah, the most beautiful places that have been choosing more for the wedding and holidays.

That’s the part of photos which Indian people’s wedding. They are doing the great wedding at Goa. Wow ! amazing.




Such a beautiful places. It’s really suit for any party and events.






Beautiful beach and very clean water.




Wow ! such a wonderful sunset.  It’s really make people feel restful.  Yeah,  it makes  people feel envy and  want to go there one day.



The best places  for family photo shooting exist also in Malaysia.  People who are always finding the great places, they can go to Malaysia because Malaysia also have the beautiful natural sites in each state.


Malacca is the one of the state that is situated beside the state of Johor.  By being one of the oldest state in Malaysia, Malacca holds many stories and histories.  Beside that, Malacca also have many places for photo shooting. No only the families, the future wedding also choose Malacca as the best place that they want to photo shoot.

Below is a good example photo.






This place is named as a Pantai Klebang.  The beach has a peaceful environment and beautiful sand. The beach attracts many families and teenagers who wants photo shoot.  So, if you are planning to choose the suitable place for photo shoot may be this place is a good choice.



Turkey is the one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Turkish culture is a delightful because the majority of the religion are muslim. So, people are in the Turkey are very good and nice, and loving, the keep close to each other. They also maintain cleanliness so that tourists who come will feel comfortable. That’s why Turkey are the most beautiful places in the world.





This is the one of the photos which for pre-wedding photo shoot.  Its look really nice to making the cultural vibrant as the backdrops.




The Blue Mosque is the peaceful places.  Even though this mosque are the places for muslim to prayers, tourist may come and captured the scenery of mosque.  With well maintain cleanliness and more precious historically, this unique mosque is also being the favorite spot for photo shoot.



This ruins space also attract travelers to photo shoot.  A place like the history of ancient times is perfect for a shoot for those who want a peaceful place.  The green roomy land will show the contrast for the object because of the light green nature as the  backdrop.




This two places are in the Pamukkale are very interesting places. Though, people who want to photograph this places need to have skill because it’s really difficult because of the plain background.  Even just white and white, it’s still look the fantastic places for photo shoot. While that, the picture capture will look really nice and contrast if they wear the dark suits.


South Korea

Have you been to South Korea?  If you go to Korea, you will not want to go back.  Because Korea have so many places that are interesting to visit and travel.  The view of the places in Korea is also stunning and make people delightful to come again.  Having said that, there have a lots of places to photo shoot.  No matter with their couple or families.




Yes! this is Nami Island that people really love to go for travel and photo shoot.  The place at Nami Island is very relax and beautiful. It’s really suited for photo shoot.  Amazing places can get amazing photos because when the spring’s coming, there have a lot of beautiful scenery that can be photo shoot.


If want the autumn view for photo shoot , list the Namsan Park as your top list. Namsan Park is really beautiful like the luxury garden. It’s really suited for photo shooting.  With the cloudy weather will make your photos look good and perfect.






Yes! that’s all some of the places that is very good and stunning choice for photo shoot.  It’s really great if you have plans to go photo shooting at the outside of your country.  There are so many beautiful places in the world which really good and match to photo shooting.

Okay readers, Keep waiting for the next blog ! Cheers.