Who does not know what hipster is? If you know, good for you, for those who do not know it, let me explain. Hipster is a style and fashion trend that mostly young people follow, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream. This trend also affects photography.  Hipster photography depicts a world of curiosity in which people generally look happy to be accompanied by others who seem happy. Youth and beauty. The two common words are brought together in an aesthetic appreciation of the image or more accurately an image of advertising. Hipster photography therefore borrows products with fashion, perfumes, accessories or cars.




It’s been the custom of people today, especially young people to always carry their own cameras or use smartphones and IPhone is a popular smartphone today. Most of them already have talent in photography and use existing internet applications installed in their smartphones. They use photo apps that have the best filters and match their hipster theme to edit the pictures they capture using their smartphones every day. There are some hipster photography that I want to share with you. Among them is the picture below:

The Use of Props








There are some props or materials that are always used when taking pictures in the hipster theme these days. Among the commonly used props is the string light, led light and colourful smoke bombs. Examples of styles of string light, led light and colourful smoke bombs used are as above. Not only is the styling of the picture taken, the captured photos must be edited to reveal the hipster filter itself.

Scenery Shot







Not only takes pictures of people, the scenery photos also affect hipster photography. Just need a convenient and attractive place to be taken to make a picture that shows style of hipster, among of them are the urban city shot and the “one with nature” shot. There is a way of editing that always used in hipster photography. It is called a faded and desaturated shot. Bring the saturation but not so much that looks grey. This will make your photo look all hazy, blurry and mysterious.

The Use of Background








The use of background is one of the important things to get hipster-themed photos. Among the backgrounds that most young people nowadays used are with nature like trees in the forest or flowers as well as attractive and unique walls. If you want to be Instagram famous with this aesthetic, your new hobby is to go out and find all the best and great choice backgrounds. Play with the temperature, “warmth” in Instagram’s editing tools and slightly increase your photo’s saturation.

The Top-Down Food Shot




Many of you must like to take a picture before eating right? especially if you go to a restaurant that provides rich food and appetizing food. Food is also among the things that young people take photos in hipster photography. Restaurants and cafes usually have really inconsistent lighting, and brightening up your photo will help.  So, you need slightly increase the exposure and the contrast.

White Minimalist Shot




Nowadays, a lot of people dress up minimalist in everyday life as well as in hipster photography. In terms of home decor, office and building itself, society now adopts minimalist style. It’s simple and does not have much colour. Colour choices are always white, black, grey, and natural colours. Other bright colours are also used but the minimalist is more too white, black and grey. Adjust the white balance and brighten up your photo. If you’re indoors and under artificial light, your photo will look a little dim and yellow. Bring down the temperature “warmth” in Instagram’s editing tools a few notches and increase the exposure. Choose a filter that makes your photos look light and delicate. Once you’ve made your pick, reduce your filter strength by at least 25%. The key is to make your edited photo appear unedited.


So how? Interesting right? I hope the article above can help you all in knowing about hipster photography. You can try to use filters that hipster photography used when you want to take pictures. Just need to install hipster photo apps on your smartphone that are popular now used by people these days. Okay, see you in other interesting articles. Bebye!